Industry Talks

Srikrishna Chaitanya Konduru, Data Scientist, Bühler Group
Opportunities for machine learning in the manufacturing Industry
Monday June 4th, 12:30
Claudiu Musat, Research Director, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Group, Swisscom
AutoML for Text Classification
Monday June 4th, 12:45
Marios Anthimopoulos, Senior Researcher, Frontiers
Large-scale recommendations based on matrix factorization
Tuesday June 5th, 12:30
Phong Nguyen, Senior Data Scientist, Expedia
Expedia Sort Algorithm
Tuesday June 5th, 12:45
Gregory Mermoud, Senior Technical Leader, Cisco
Building machine learning products: from the whiteboard to the field
Wednesday June 6th, 12:30
Hugo Penedones, Research Engineer, Google DeepMind
Applied Reinforcement Learning: challenges and open problems
Wednesday June 6th, 12:45